alleycataly (alleycataly) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Fleur vs Sckoon cup?

I'm a cup newbie and I'm debating whether to get a fleurcup or a sckoon. I'm 15 and a virgin, with what I think is a relatively low cervix (I have trouble getting a tampax pearl plastic applicator in all the way to the hand grip sometimes). Which size? I have a really heavy flow (changing super tampons every 2 1/2 hrs). Also, does anyone with a skin silicone allergy use the fleur or the sckoon without issue? I realized I had an allergy when I tried a brand of contacts with a slightly higher percentage silicone. Are contacts made of the same grade of silicone as menstrual cups? Thanks.
Tags: age, allergies - silicone, buying decisions, fleurcup, sckoon, sckooncup, sizes/size issues

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