Sara Almagesto (Sara Almagesto) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Sara Almagesto
Sara Almagesto

New to the Diva Cup. Any suggestions?

I just got a Diva cup because I love the idea of it being reusable and hate hate hate cotton pads and tampons. I've read a lot about it (folding, trying it out before period, etc etc) but I wanna know if there's anything specific I should know before my first time trying it out. It'll also be my first period in 3 months since I've been skipping it with birth control (because ew pads and tampons). Is there anything I should know?
Also, I am very prone to yeast infections. Should I take special measures with the cup?
I got the size 1 since I'm 19, not a virgin but never been pregnant.

Also, I sometimes see menstrual cup horror stories. Should I worry?

(also, stupid question, but can it fall off when I poop?)

EDIT: For some reason when I add tags they don't show up once I save the post, I'm not sure why, I'm so so sorry :(
Tags: bowel movements, divacup
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