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Hi everyone.

I am a new cup user, and new to LJ.

[Backstory]A few months ago, a friend of mine posted an interesting article about tampon and pad alternatives on Facebook. I was intrigued by said article, and decided to look into menstrual cups later (at the time I was moving, very busy, and had just bought a bunch of supplies for that time of the month). Once we moved in to our new place, I researched menstrual cups, found this site (very helpful by the way), and ended up going for a Lunette over a Ladycup, because I was more afraid of being able to get the cup out that of being able to get it in.

So I get my small Lunette just in time for my period last month, went for a dry run the day before, and got it in, but had trouble getting it to pop open. I went back on this site to look for tips for when I started my period. I was pretty successful on my period, considering. I ended up just leaving the cup in if I was having problems getting it to open, while I went to wash my hair in the shower. Usually if I just leave it alone for a bit or maybe do some keegals, it opens up, then I go back to check the seal when I am done with my shower.

I have had no problems wearing it during the night, and absolutely no leaks! I only wore panty-liners throughout my whole period as back-up!

I did have two issues:

1) The stem was irritating me pretty bad. It irritated me sitting down and laying down the most, and I was still irritated a while after my period was over. I am pretty small down there. I did ride up a little bit overnight (I remember having problems reaching it on one day), so I am thinking I am just going to trim the last notch on the end of it. Any tips there? I know people said to try it inside out, but I am not yet comfortable enough with getting it out yet to try that (at least not overnight).

2) I use a nuvaring, and the last day of my period is when I need to put the nuvaring in. I had one heck of a time with it last month. I tried to put my nuvaring in first, but then when I put my cup in, I couldn't get it to pop open. I actually tried to wrangle it with my fingers, which was not an easy task because there is not much room down there. I accidently ended up turning my cup 90 degrees so that the stem of the cup was sticking into the side of me (>< omg ouch), and it took a while to get it back out after that. I had to wait until the end of my shower to get the nerve to try again and ended up being able to do it (but my poor husband was listening to my cries and asking me why I was in there so long ><).

Another thing:

I am one of the unfortunates that have to work on Thanksgiving for Black Friday, which is awful in itself, but the kicker is I am going to be starting my period on Thanksgiving. I have to work a 12-hour shift (7pm-7am thanksgiving), then be back in at 3pm to close. I have a 30 minute drive each way. I am mostly worried because of the 12-hour shift (I know the cups are not meant to be in there more than 12 hours). My period is not very heavy, and I did not overflow once while leaving the cup in 12 hours. I do not really want to change my cup in the bathroom stall (mostly because I'm new still), but I would rather do that than bring a pad also I think.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Tags: first time use, insertion - painful or problems, lunette, nuvaring, popping open, stem length/trimming, travel
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