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1st Full Day Using Diva Cup and very VERY Frustrated!!!

Ive heard some remarkable things about the Diva Cup (or, I should say, menstrual cups in general). After giving birth, I found that I could no longer use tampons as Australia does not sell the OB brand, and all other tampons available here on the Australian market expand in length (rather than in width - as does OB), and would slide out in a matter of minutes (an hour at most) - I have had to resort to pads ever since.

Ive been wanting to try out menstrual cups for MONTHS, and finally got around to ordering one online. As Diva Cup seems to be the most popular brand, I went with this one. I've never been so excited about getting my period!

The first evening was OK - it seemed to go in easily and relatively painlessly, overall very minimal spotting. Besides the stem of the cup constantly poking me, it didnt seem too bad at all. I left the cup in overnight, and was relieved that I wasnt able to feel the cup stem during the night while I was lying flat in my bed. When I woke up in the morning - there was not a spot of blood anywhere - yipeee!

During the morning however, as I was walking around and doing my regular duties etc, I pretty much felt the stem again with every single step that I took, and everytime I sat down. By lunch time I was terribly annoyed, so I followed the advice of many a diva-cup-user, and shortened the stem to probably about 2-3mm at most. I shouldnt have done this - not only could I STILL feel the stem, but it was a more extreme, sharper pain than beforehand!! The annoying dull pain had now turned into something much worse, and by the end of the day, I couldnt get the friggin thing out of me quick enough... You cant imagine what a relief it was to get it out - I was in so much pain!

Truth be told though, it actually came out kind of 'by accident' when I went to have a pee... I sat on the toilet as per normal, and although it hadnt been a problem beforehand, I suddenly felt the urge to 'push', as if giving birth... I had been put through so much pain today by the damn thing, I was actually quite happy to get rid of it, so I just sat there and kept pushing it out.

Overall, I am astounded at how well the cup worked in general... Besides the first couple of spots at the start, I had no leakage whatsoever. But the pain of the stem just became unbearable, and theres no way in hell I could put up with this for 5 or 6 days straight... Certainly not at work when I need to be concentrating on others things...

So, I suppose my first question to you is - has anyone else had the same difficulty? What did you do to get over it?

Im disappointed in myself for 'quitting' so early, as I know that some users take months of persistence to get used to wearing a cup... But I just cant put myself through cycles of pain like Ive had yesterday and today.

I am now exploring other options - Ive ordered the Instead Soft Cups, and will see next cycle if they work any better. They will be less painful, for sure, as they dont have that annoying protruding stem. Has anyone used these before? What is your verdict?
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