crunchigranola (crunchigranola) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First-time cup user...but where did my IUD strings go?!

Hi everyone,

I'm new here. This is my first period using a cup. I chose the Diva Cup because I figured it seemed the most popular and I had to start somewhere. I have had the paragard iud for 9 months now and did a lot of research regarding the use of a cup with it. I finally decided I felt comfortable with it.

I'm going to be upfront: this is really hard to figure out how to use properly. It's very frustrating. I understand there is a learning curve so I am going to keep on keeping on. I will post elsewhere about the difficulties I've had to maybe get some advice, but for now I will tell you the thing that is worrying me the most:

After three days of use (and what I think was proper attempted use), my iud strings are gone. I've felt them in the same place for 9 months and now there is nothing there. I'm certain I didn't pull it out as I've been very cautious. I'm guessing it must have travelled upwards. I have an appt with my dr to see what's going on this afternoon and will update with the verdict. But for now I'm worried and discouraged. I really wanted the cup to work for me! This is really unfortunate! :-(

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