hmwilliamsrn (hmwilliamsrn) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Leaking and pain... Help!

I moved to the silicone cups (the Diva Cup) because I am, I think, allergic to everything else (all I know is they make me itch). So, I bought the cup in hopes that it would help. The itching has subsided, but the leaking is fierce and I have had pain. I'm constantly checking to see if I got the cup to open, but I'm afraid that is part of the problem with the leaking. Perhaps I am breaking the "seal"? Diva instructions say to turn the cup 360 degrees each way, but that sucker is hard to turn. I have noticed, as well, that it moves from side to side and slips in farther. Leaking typically occurs when I get up from a laying position. Sometimes it's when I stand up from a squat or sitting position. I'm pretty sure it isn't because of overflow, because the cup is only half, or less, full and I emptied it about every 4 or 5 hours. I need help. I REALLY want to stay with the cup for the reasons stated above, but I also can't have the leakage.
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