missyjeanbee (missyjeanbee) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Finding a better cup for a friend

So I've been trying to get a friend into cups and it doesn't seem like the Lunette size one is working perfectly for her. She's 20, sans children. Her needs and experiences with the Lunette are:

- She needs a cup with good capacity. She has heavy periods due to endometrioses, I believe.
- Her Lunette initially got lost way up inside of her. Perhaps that says something about her cervix height that would help you guys advise on her next cup? I did suggest the squatting and bearing down method of removal to assist her.
- She can feel the Lunette inside of her. She says it's not uncomfortable, but can certainly feel it.

I've been looking at softer cups such as Lily, Fluer, and Skoon for her. She is new and I'd also like to buy her one that is easy for a newbie to pop open.

Any suggestions? I don't want her to try a million cups and wind up getting discouraged with the whole cup thing.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: lunette

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