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New meluna cup quality issues - material is peeling away. Should I try a new brand?

I got my first menstrual cup - a small Meluna - a few weeks ago. I tried it out shortly after I received it as a "dry run" to make sure I could get it in/out without too much difficulty.

I took it out of its bag again today to play around with some new folding methods, and I saw that the material is peeling away from the edge of the rim. I saw someone else had a post alluding to the same problem, but I wanted some more advice than they seemed to get.

I'm disappointed that the cup would already be falling apart. It's essentially new - it's been sterilized twice in boiling water, per the instructions (and I was reasonably careful with it), and worn once for an hour.

The idea of using it when there's a possibility the material is going to be flaking off from that point is not at all appealing to me, so I don't think I should really continue using this cup. I saw some people posting that "scraping it off" should be okay, but I don't think any amount of scraping would take away the raw edges - I think the "wound" would just expand. (And yes, it's DEFINITELY The cup material, not something that is stuck to the side.)

Is this an issue other people have encountered? If I'm going to have to purchase a new one, I'd rather not run into the same problem again. Is this a Meluna issue? A general issue with all menstrual cups? Or was I just really unlucky and got the one defective cup out of thousands?

Suggestions for new cups are welcome.
Tags: cleaning, meluna

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