fyrejenn (fyrejenn) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cervix Question

Soooo... I've seen in several posts where folks have said that one's cup should fit like (o) around the cervix. I take this to mean that the margins of the cervix should be "parallel" to the margins of the cup, if that makes sense. This sounds odd to me, since my cervix protrudes from the front vaginal wall, and for all margins to be parallel, the cup would have to be sitting sideways in me. The opening of my cervix does not point to the vaginal opening. See what I'm saying?
Am I misunderstanding what is being said? If not, what are the implications for me, i.e is there a particular cup that would work better for me? I've used the small diva and fleur, and the large yuuki and lunette. The small fleur has been the best, though even it will leak from time to time.
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