staceylameto (staceylameto) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Which cup should I buy

I'm 15 years old In the 10th grade I started my period in the late 8th grade I'm almost never have my period around the time I'm suppsed to it varies from 3days-3months late
When I do get my period the first day is light the second day is my heaviest flow and it goes down and usually last 5 days
I want to get a mensrual cup because I don't have me period that often and when I do I don't want to ask my grandma to get me tampons (I live with my dad) I Also read that menstruAl cups can make your flow lighter
To round it all up it would be convenet
I don't really know which to use because I've heard that some brands are good for somepeople and not others and I don't really want to find out the hard way because my dads buying it
Things that could be good to know
I'm a Virgin so I've never given birth
I'm not on the pill
I'm 5"5
Ps I love a little color
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