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I bought my first 2 cups - Meluna (M) & Meluna (L) and have tried both of them and I have trouble with them leaking. I can insert/take them out just fine, I'm completely comfortable wearing them, I can feel that they're open inside and I don't have problems with them sliding out. Would I need a WIDER cup so they don't leak? I really love the idea of these things but find it frustrating that I'm always worried about leaking... last night I woke up because I had leaked A LOT! This is my third day and I've gone a few stretches (up to 4 hours) without leaking.

Info about me:
-I'm 27, 5'7"
-Have had 3 vaginal births
-Sexually active

Any advice would be much appreciated!!
3littleboys on November 9th, 2013 09:35 pm (UTC)
It was never to the overflowing point.. sometimes there wasn't anything in the cup when I was leaking. I think I figured out that if I put the cup in further and pointed towards my lower back it fixes the problem.. or at least the last 2 times I've done it I haven't had any leaking issues! :)