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I bought my first 2 cups - Meluna (M) & Meluna (L) and have tried both of them and I have trouble with them leaking. I can insert/take them out just fine, I'm completely comfortable wearing them, I can feel that they're open inside and I don't have problems with them sliding out. Would I need a WIDER cup so they don't leak? I really love the idea of these things but find it frustrating that I'm always worried about leaking... last night I woke up because I had leaked A LOT! This is my third day and I've gone a few stretches (up to 4 hours) without leaking.

Info about me:
-I'm 27, 5'7"
-Have had 3 vaginal births
-Sexually active

Any advice would be much appreciated!!
tobilei on November 8th, 2013 09:54 pm (UTC)
I assume you've done the one fingered sweep around the top of the cup once it's open to make sure your cervix is inside the cup and not sitting next to it?

Also I have to actually tilt mine back and sometimes angle it to one side a little to make sure I don't leak.

All that being said, I own 2 MeLuna's (same sizes as yours) and a large diva. My m MeLuna is just too small, the Large leaks without fail no matter what I do and even my diva leaks a little on my first day every time.

How long have you owned the cups? If it's a while and you feel you're past the learning curve definitely try something new (if you fill these or are worried about a dangly cervix perhaps something rounder at the bottom and/or with more capacity.
3littleboys on November 9th, 2013 09:37 pm (UTC)
Yes this is my first time using menstrual cups. I hear everyone say there's a learning curve.. my learning curve isn't putting it in and out but getting in the right spot I guess!