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I bought my first 2 cups - Meluna (M) & Meluna (L) and have tried both of them and I have trouble with them leaking. I can insert/take them out just fine, I'm completely comfortable wearing them, I can feel that they're open inside and I don't have problems with them sliding out. Would I need a WIDER cup so they don't leak? I really love the idea of these things but find it frustrating that I'm always worried about leaking... last night I woke up because I had leaked A LOT! This is my third day and I've gone a few stretches (up to 4 hours) without leaking.

Info about me:
-I'm 27, 5'7"
-Have had 3 vaginal births
-Sexually active

Any advice would be much appreciated!!
teacupcake89 on November 8th, 2013 05:17 pm (UTC)
Meluna sizes run small, so compared to other brands their medium is the same size as other brand's 'smalls' and the large more like a 'medium' so yes, a wider cup may fit you better especially after three children! It could also be that your cervix is 'dangly' or sitting in the cup somewhat which is why it leaks before it's full. a wider round bottomed cup like a Large Fleurcup, Large Si-bell, Large Sckooncup etc will also provide you with more capacity=less leaking as it gets full slower/still has good capacity even if the cervix is stealing some of it.

have you found your cervix? are you aiming the cup towards it, making sure it isn't peeking out on one side of the rim etc? despite what cup instructions usually say you want the cup to sit right underneath your cervix.

3littleboys on November 9th, 2013 09:33 pm (UTC)
Thank you for your response.. very helpful! I just ordered a large Fleurcup hoping that will be the right size! Yes I've found my cervix and thought I was doing a pretty good job at aiming it in the right direction.. to the back and up but I think I wasn't aiming it backwards enough. The last few times I aimed it right towards my lower back when putting it in and haven't had any issues.. and the last time I felt a little bit of discomfort like it was pushing on my cervix or something.. but no leaking! The discomfort was only for a few minutes so all is well!