akiratakamashi (akiratakamashi) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Periods and Gender Identity?


Bree of Precious Stars Pads just posted this video on her Youtube page. I can't describe how excited I was to see this.

This is actually kind of personal but this video is so important to me because I identify as gender fluid, so I do not identify fully with either sex. Somedays I feel more feminine and somedays I feel more masculine. As you can imagine, periods can be a tricky time of the month for me because if I am feeling masculine, I obviously do not want to be carting around loads of period supplies. These are the times that I love my cups the most, because when I use them I have no issues with period supplies and can have discreet, almost full day coverage. My cups have helped loads and I have learned how to appreciate my period more because I can have protection that doesn't sacrifice my gender image or my personal safety (with all of the chemicals in mainstream stuff).

Sorry if this is so choppy, this was kind of hard for me to write. Again, this is a really personal thing for me but I felt like I needed to say something to help this information get out there. If you would like more information on this please let me know.
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