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New cup user

I am a first-time cup user. I bought the Keeper (silicone) size A, as I am 47 yrs old, with three vaginally-birthed children. My cervix sits pretty low. My flow has changed to be pretty heavy for 1-2 days, then fairly light. In just a day or so of using it, I am miserable. I trimmed the stem off completely, because it was very uncomfortable. I've tried turning it inside out, which helps with the length, but seems like it wrecks any suction I get. I've tried many different insertion methods, and can tell that it opens just fine. I wore it overnight and had no leaking, so was hopeful this morning. After removing, cleaning, re-inserting in the shower, I cannot get this to work for me today. My pelvic floor muscles are not strong (lots of pushing to get those three out), so it seems like no matter how well I feel like I've inserted it, when I stand up (or cough or squat or bend over), the cup feels like it's coming out. I can actually feel half of it sticking out. I push/twist it back into place, and then it slides out again.

I gave up this morning and used a tampon. I'd really like to find a way to make the cup concept work - for travel/camping/hiking and general no-waste lifestyle. I do yoga once a week at work, and cannot see this being comfortable at ALL for that right now.

Is it the cup (too long for me)? Is it the fact that I have crappy tone to my pelvic floor, so the sides of my vag wall aren't holding it in? It seems like a Lunette might work better as far as length/width, but if I can't get a shortened (by turning inside out) Keeper to work, I don't have much hope for another brand.

Any insights, suggestions, sympathy welcome :)
Tags: brand comparisons, cervix position, chafing/irritation, insertion - painful or problems, inside-out, keeper, sizes/size issues, sports/physical activities
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