Stephanie (ladycallie) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cleaning... with denture tabs?

So in a fit of INSPIRATION laziness, I soaked my Meluna in a cup of warm water and an effervescent denture tab. I have a huge box of them for cleaning my retainer, and that night I was too tired to find my usual peroxide or bother with boiling. The tabs don't contain bleach, and supposedly clean with hydrogen peroxide.

It's rather nice, and very clean and slightly minty! I feel it cleaned just as well, if not better then my usual peroxide bath, and the mint smell is a perk. I haven't had any issues with tingling, or any lingering effects of the mint, and the cup seems fine.

Anyone else do this? Anyone know of a very good reason not to? Meluna is silicone TPE, which is pretty sturdy.
Tags: cleaning, cleaning - smells, cleaning - stains, meluna
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