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Cleaning and care questions!!

Hello all! I just bought two cups recently (a ladycup and a meluna) and I want them to last me as long as possible, and in the best condition as possible (least discoloration, smells, etc!) so I have been doing research and I found the rubbing alchohol method for silicone. But I wondered, is this okay to do for TPE? I don't like having to boil my cups.
    Also, for regular washing during the actual time of month, I was hoping you all could enlighten me about which soap would be best to use! Here is what I have: unscrntrd antibacterial hand soap, unscented baby shampoo (this is very mild so I think it might be good for that?), regular scented body wash, and dr bronners magic soap in peppermint. Dr bronners is ideal because it's powerful yet not harsh, a little goes a long way, and I have it in an easy travel container which would be ideal for on the go use! However, I'm a bit nervous of the strength of the peppermint scent, I know on skin it sometimes feels cool and I don't want the sensation of a minty vagina! Yikes! Also, do you think it's possible that those oils in the soap could break down the cup over time?
    One last item of business: I'm afraid of stains, is there a safe way to remove stains that isn't hydrogen peroxide or sun bathing a cup? The meluna can't be sun bathed because it hardens it. Thanks guys! I want my cups to last, and any other tips are very welcome! 
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