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Has Meluna firmed up their soft?

I thought I'd post this since I found it interesting.
Some of you may remember a post I started a while back (I've since started a new account) this is it if you're curious

Basically I needed a new cup and couldn't decide between the Meluna Soft or Classic. I ordered a Mini Soft and thought it was great, then I wanted to get another one in the next size up being a Small but based on comments and a video that the lovely femininewear made here it seemed that the Small would be even softer and my mini is SUPER soft so I ordered classic.

The Small Classic was firmer then I expected so I ordered another Small in soft (developing a bit of a collection lol, but the classic will still be used for exercise so it's not a waste). I've just received the Small soft and I boiled it once to see how it would settle afterwards and it's actually firmer then the Mini Soft, go figure?!

Truth be told I'm actually really happy about it, it's the perfect softness! But it does seem unusual, I've only used the mini during one period and it's only been boiled once so it's on equal footing with the new Small.

I thought I would share this for others who might be having the same struggle I had with choosing the firmness. You never know what it will be like until you get it, it seems and they can vary.

I REALLY recommend reading this page it helped me and I wished I had read it before buying the classic. The most helpful sentence ever: "You can make a soft cup stiffer for insertion but you can't make a stiff cup softer for more comfortable wearing".

Below: Small SOFT Pink against Mini SOFT Cyan.
2013-11-01 15.04.31
Below: Small SOFT Pink against Small CLASSIC Blue.
Small Soft PINK, Mini Soft Cyan, Small Classic Blue.

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