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Instead -- Soft Cup

Just wanted to share a page from my life. A few years ago, I discovered Instead (now called the Soft Cup). It was very hard to insert Instead and took me a long time to get use to using the product. Once I finally figured it out, I realized I didn’t like the waste involved. I started researching and discovered that the company made a version of Instead that you could re-use! But, you couldn’t boil it, and I wanted something you could clean a little more thoroughly between cycles. Not to mention, it the Instead leaks a lot for me. Lots of research led me to discover menstrual cups.

The very first video I watched was a review of Lunette on youtube. Shout out to Agnes: I bought a Lunette soon after and will profess that it is an AMAZING product that really did change my life.

Recently I find myself dealing with a yeast/bacterial infection. UGH! I read that it isn’t certain that you can boil bacteria (etc…) out of your menstrual cup, and there was way I was going to use tampons/pads, so I bought a box of Instead. They are a life saver, but they leak! But I don’t think I could bear the alternative!

Here is the funny part too me, after struggling to learn how to use the menstrual cup the last few months, using the Soft Cup was easy as pie! I couldn’t believe how quickly I was able to insert it and easily it was to take out. I was just so amused, as I remember it being such a struggle when i started using it initially!
Tags: instead, lunette, success stories, yeast infections

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