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Cups designed specifically for sex

I was chatting to a friend who's involved in sex work activism about how some people use their cups even during PIV sex (not something I've tried, nor am I particularly likely to, for various reasons), and we were wondering whether there would be a market for cups specifically designed for that purpose. Quite apart from the general market, she said that sex workers would be very interested in the idea. Meluna make a huge range of cups, and they're in Germany, where sex work is legal.

What do you reckon would be ideal for a cup to be used specifically during sex? It wouldn't need to have a massive capacity, and the idea would be that it could be inserted shortly before sex, but leakage would be more important. Removal would also be an issue, since it couldn't have anything sticking out of the bottom. At the moment, I'm wondering whether the Meluna mini in small soft, with no ball/ring/stem, would work, since I gather it's wider and shorter than the standard Meluna range, and has a somewhat springier rim. Apparently it costs them a lot of money every time they have to make a new mould. I was looking at cervical caps, and they don't seem all that different from small menstrual cups. But I've never tried PIV sex with a cup in, and I haven't yet tried a Meluna, so what do you think? Then of course there would be the consideration of what would be most comfortable to be wearing during anal sex, and there I haven't a clue, but I did notice an old post on the subject talking about how the rim needs to be relatively soft.
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