axfox (axfox) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Quick insertion question

Hello! I have a quick question about insertion -- I'm sorry it is a stupid question, or if it sounds like I never read the instruction manual.
I am wondering, while inserting a cup, is it fine to let go of it (when it is not fully inserted) and then grab it again to push it higher inside (to reach the area where it is supposed to sit)?

I'm sorry if I sound confusing! I ask this because once (with my DivaCup) I accidentally let go when I was halfway into inserting it and I was met with ridiculous pain that felt like it was sucking my insides. I got very scared off after that (lol) and I chickened out last night trying to insert my Soft MeLuna because I thought that if I let go before it was "fully in", I would be met with a similar pain. It is also difficult to go to the "area" where the cup is supposed to sit around without wanting to let go halfway.

In short, I'm just wondering if it will be fine to let go of the cup during insertion halfway and grab it again to push it up to it's correct area without any kind of pain occurring when letting go for that short moment. Will the cup opening up too soon (assuming it does open right away) cause pain or any thing? Thank you! I'm sorry if I sound confusing. Thank you very much!
Tags: first time use, insertion, meluna - soft
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