Barbara (Barbara E Luca Amonti) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Barbara E Luca Amonti


Hello. Im a 20 year old non-virgin girl. My periods arent particularly heavy or painful so i thought about buying a small Fleurcup.

This is my first time using a menstrual cup so i didn't know what to expect but i have heard very good things about it so i decided to give it a try and i've been using it for two days now. I had a bit of difficulty inserting the cup but now i can insert it with either the "push down" technique or the "U" technique, without particular discomfort. Removing it is a bit harder and i find it to be a bit painful, like if i am "numb" inside.
The problem is that even though When im sitting or standing i dont feel any pain or discomfort when i stand up/sit down/bend i feel pain and i dont understand the motive since i followed all the "rules" when i inserted the cup. It gets really annoying not to be able to move freely. I tried cutting the stem by half but it doesn't seem to have worked.

Does anyone know what i might have done wrong?

Sorry for my imperfect english and thanks in advance
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