Amelia (mood_swinger23) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I cannot find a cup. And/or fold.

I have tried a Jasmine (Diva knockoff?), small Lunette, large Fleur, and Cuplee.

The Jasmine is too long for my short days, and I can't flip the bugger out to shorten it. It doesn't retain its shape.

Small Lunette fills too easy; holes clog.

Large fleur is too round in the body, I can always feel it.

Cuplee has the best shape and comfort level, but no matter what fold I try, what I do differently... I can't get it to open and/or sit correctly. I'll think I have it in, and I leak. I have tried every fold possible, I even just spent 20 minutes trying to come up with new ways to fold it...double punchdown... double half s fold thingy... nothing works. When I get it inside, it refuses to unfold. I do the cold water trick, doesn't do anything, it still won't unfold. The only way I can get it to unfold is if I practically pull the whole thing out to get enough air into it at the bottom, and by then it's entirely open but I can't push it back in fully... I have to squish it again to try to get it back up, and obviously that doesn't work. I bought a cup so I wouldn't have to deal with this crap. It's been a year now and I'm just angry. Nothing works.

I think I'm too squeamish to try sponges and I really don't trust pads... cloth or disposable, I always leak. I honestly feel like at this point my 'best' option is to find enough birth control to make it so I have no AF. And I hate drugs, especially hormone drugs.

Would a firmer cup be easier to unfold? Do I need to try something firmer, like the Ruby cup, or Femmecup? Should I avoid soft Melunas since I have issues with folds?

Has anyone come up with their own folds?


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