Linda Hoang (Linda Hoang) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Linda Hoang
Linda Hoang

Removing is messy

On my previous, unsuccessful cycle I had managed to remove my cup without having a mess on my hands. This cycle the cup is filled a lot more and when it gets squished for removal the blood spills all over my hands. This was something I suspected when reading on how to remove cups but it seemed like no one had a problem so I was hoping it wouldn't happen to me BUT IT DID.
And when I went to dry it to put it away for the night (didn't think it could handle my heaviest night,) I saw some white flecks and thought it was the paper towel but it was actually the cup's material peeling off. I'm really not satisfied and I'm going to email MeLuna for a refund.

Could anyone tell me how I can remove my cup with having a mess? or is it just my particular medium classic meluna? I"m thinking once I get my refund I'm going to trade it for a naturalmamma.

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