teh_miji (teh_miji) wrote in menstrual_cups,

me oh my, what to buy?!

Up until a month ago I had no idea cups existed, it was on a pain driven google search for cramp relief that I stumbled upon this site with mention that for some of you using menstrual cups reduced or eliminated the pain of an angry uterus. Not exactly the immediate relief i was seeking, but it did plant a seed. I have never really been happy with my perceived options for periodwear, tampons are uncomfortable and not particularly effective, the only pads that work for me are the "heavy" bulky things that i swear you can see through your pants, and either one was a pain to deal with purchasing and disposing of in a shared bathroom environment.
So here I am! After much reading, lurking, and a cervix hunt later I thought I had narrowed my choice of first cup down. But then the "what about This one" and "oh wait that chart says..." crept in and my narrow list is not so narrow so I would like some feedback for you oh so knowledgeable ones!
Basic me info: 27y, no kids, virgin(doesn't really matter right?), lowish cervix mid period= 2" straight in, thought i had a heavy flow first few days but compared to what others have described maybe only moderate. My main cups in consideration were small lunette, small sckoon, maybe a small yuuki? But then i saw several posts about a large fleur...
Sothere you have it, my confusion in a nutshell. As you all know these things don't come cheap so i would like to get as close to my perfect cup as i can since s repurchase is not likely in the near future.
Thanks a bajillion in advance for all of your advice and for all the support you have already given!
Tags: buying decisions, first time use, sizes/size issues

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