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Need some advice - new cup user

I just bought my first cup. I am 42, never been pregnant, and have very heavy periods for the first 2 days. By heavy, I mean that I sometimes need to change a regular tampon every hour or two. After that, my flow is much lighter for the remainder of my period. I bought a large Lunette because I wanted something with a relatively high capacity since my first two days are very heavy. I just finished my first cycle with the cup.

Here is the problem:

The Lunette works perfectly once I got to day 3. I could easily go at least 7 hours, sometimes much longer, before needing to empty, and I am very satisfied with that. There was no leaking at all, no discomfort once it was in. I was very happy. HOWEVER...on the first two, very heavy flow days, I could sometimes feel it start to leak after only a couple of hours. When I check, it is starting to leak. When I remove it, it is only half full, and still well below the air holes. The outside is clean and dry. I have read certain posts here suggesting capacity might be reduced by the cervix sitting in the cup. I can't be 100% certain, but I don't think this is the issue because I think my cervix is very high. I have never been able to touch it, either during my period or in between. And while the cup moved up on its own once or twice, usually it just stays fairly low where I put it.

My question is, why can't I get more capacity out of this thing? Could the walls of my vagina just be too strong for this cup? Despite my age, I believe my pelvic muscles are very strong (I have a muscular athletic build in general), especially at the opening. Inserting the lunette was very challenging at times. I can get it in and get it to open by bearing down and creating an air channel with my won't usually just open completely on its own. The two times it migrated up, removal was tricky because it was hard to reach the base of the lunette or to even reach the stem- even with bearing down, crouching, etc.

I do notice that the cup never gets fully round. I can't fit a finger up to the rim (there is just not enough room), but the base and middle when open is more of a slightly squished oval. It is IMPOSSIBLE to rotate, as so many people seem to do. Once inside, this thing cannot be turned. I can get it higher by pushing and kegels though.

Squashing it obviously means it can hold less fluid. I thought the lunette was a fairly firm cup. Should I try something even more firm? Or would a soft cup be better (intuitively, it seems a soft cup would be even worse. It might get squashed completely flat. Or would it be better moving it higher?

What do you think? After the first couple of days, the entrance to my vagina was a little sore because I was inserting and removing it so often and it is a tight fit, and I would like to be able to go longer without emptying. That was part of my motivation in trying a cup.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
Tags: first time use, heavy blood flow, leakage & spotting, lunette
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