lsapdel (lsapdel) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Preparation for cups?

Hello! I posted recently about getting a cup, and I ordered one (the ladycup, hope it works out for me!) but I'm a virgin and I'm not that familiar with and haven't had too much close contact with my body down there. I realize this is an awkward question, but is there any way to prepare for cup usage before I just straight up go for it? I don't want to sit down one day and go for it one day and somehow get traumatized, is rather take it slow you know? And since I have about a month until my cup should arrive, I was just curious if there was some way to "practice" working with a cup. Did that make sense? I hope so! You guys are so helpful so I hope that I'm not making anyone uncomfortable I just need to ease myself into this!!

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