(brennabaggins) wrote in menstrual_cups,


Still having issues with Keeper Moon Cup

I posted on here about two months ago because I was having trouble with the suction of my Keeper Moon Cup. Thank you to everyone who gave advice!
I followed the advice and got a hole puncher and widened the holes. I then used my cup again last month for almost a whole day and it was GREAT (I had to endure a long car ride) except that the whole time it still felt like it was pulling and made me feel slightly nauseous. It did actually relieve cramps, but I'm not sure a constant sickness is much better. So again I punched more holes in the thing, tried it again and I still can't shake the suction feeling. I can insert and remove no problem now. So I'm wondering if it has to do with how rigid the cup is. I am thinking of trying a Lunette (larger holes and a little softer) Is this a good idea?
Thanks again.
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