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Sckoon Cup

Hi all! I just recently bought a Sckoon cup, since I've never had kids I bought the smaller size. After I got it and boiled it for 10 minutes I did some testing with it to make sure I could get it in and out properly and I also let it sit in for about an hour to test out how it feels. Basically I did a bit of a dry run but not over an extended period of time. Everything feels great but I've noticed that the muscles near the entrance of my vagina squeeze down on the cup and crush the very bottom (similar to how you'd pinch the bottom of the cup to remove it.) However, the top of the cup seems to open up well and it sits very comfortably. I tried sitting the cup up a little higher but that doesn't really fix the pinching on the bottom of the cup and when it sits higher it's not as comfortable.

Does anyone else have this problem? The reason I bought this cup is because it's softer than a Diva Cup which I used in high school briefly and did not like at all.

I also thought my cervix was considered low after feeling it but when I googled the average I think I fall at the lower end of what's considered average so I'm guessing that's why I don't like the cup to sit high at all. Basically the stem of my cup pokes out of my vagina but sits just between my outer labia. I have NO idea if that's where it should be or if it should be much higher but that's where I've found it to open up the best and sit comfortably.

Anyway what I think I'm really wanting to know is if my cup will function properly even if the base is slightly pinched. The suction still seems to be there and the top pops open well/easily. I'm also aware that I'll just have to use it during my period and see what happens, I'll use backup of course, but I'm just curious to hear others experiences if they have similar issues with their cup.
Tags: cervix position, popping open, sckoon, sckooncup, stem length/trimming
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