mhay06 (mhay06) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New Diva

Just I just ordered my Diva Cup! I am extremely excited, so much so I paid for overnight shipping(only because I just started by cycle about a day ago). I have done quite a lot of research and feel comfortable with my purchase. After reading review after review I know this is the product for me. I am on seasonique so I only get my period once every 3 months but when I do get it I hate it, I imagine like many women. I find it to be extremely inconvenient, costly, and just a pain to have to deal with; thus the reason I am on seasonique. After starting my period the other day it reminded me how much I hate “Aunt Flow” and having to run to the store to purchase tampons and just flush my money down the toilet and that’s when the search began. Most of the things I have read seem to be good if not GREAT things. I was wondering if any of you experienced Diva’s have any tips, tricks, and secrets for a newbie like me. Like I mentioned above I read so many reviews and having done so the main things I am concerned about is getting it in right(obviously) and if there is a way to tell without witnessing a homicide scene in my pants. Also, getting it out… lots of reviews on how difficult it can be to remove.
Thanks ahead of time for any suggestions!

Maggie aka Diva Newbie
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