pynki616 (pynki616) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Shorter, wider cup?

i really love my cup (large ladycup) but i need some help! i apparently have a really low cervix, so my cup sits wayyy low. i even have to use it inside out to make it shorter, and to keep the grip rings from agitating sensitive skin. and it is apparently on the narrow side, because it constantly feels like it's slipping out. that could also be because i had my third baby 10 months ago, but i dunno. anyway, if it gets even halfway full it seriously almost falls right out when i sit on the toilet, and probably would if i let it. so what i need to know is this: is there a cup that is short and wide, but still has a decent capacity? also, does having it inside out affect its ability to stay in place?

ETA: would a more stiff cup work better with my situation, or a squishier cup?
Tags: cervix position, inside-out, lady cup, sizes/size issues
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