sixstepdragon (sixstepdragon) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Probably normal changes in color/duration of period

Soo I finally got a chance to use my model 1 lunette and it's... coming along, I guess. Still learning how to position it/how to get it in and out without hurting myself. A couple of times it hurt really bad and I was worried I might have torn something. I only used it for a day and a half before deciding I'd better give it a break. Well my periods are usually pretty heavy for the first few days (I use pads so running to the bathroom every hour or so). But by the beginning of the third day it was down to almost nothing and at the end I just had discharge (like end of period discharge, brown etc). Today's day five. This morning I sneezed and suddenly I'm back to where I was at day three? And it's BRIGHT red plus mild cramping. Not sure what to think about this. Usually my periods are like... 7-8 days long, 5 where I'm actually bleeding and a few with discharge.

Has anyone else had this where it slows down a looot and then picks up again?
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