Newbie30 (punkydunk) wrote in menstrual_cups,

What's available in Canada and diva too long

Hello all,

I'm on my second cycle using the diva cup and I'm having a couple issues with it. It's size 2, as I'm 30 and have children. I flipped it inside out after trying it out the regular way because I had read prior to buying it that this shortens it, and it helped a ton, but not quite enough as I can still feel it at the vaginal entrance almost all the time and it's not comfortable. I push it in quite high, but it seems like it is immediately (like, within 2 seconds of pushing it up) pushed back down and almost out by my vagina. I would like to try a shorter cup, and also I think I would like one that is a little firmer as I sometimes have issues with getting it to pop open. I wanted to get a meluna, but the site says they can't ship to Canada right now (where I live). So what are my options? I'm not sure what cups are available in or can be shipped to Canada. It appears that the Lunette also cannot be shipped here.
I have also been having issues with leaking this cycle. Last cycle I only had to wear a panty liner as a back up on my heaviest 2 days, and the rest of the time I had a perfect seal, but this month I have been leaking the entire cycle so far. It is not because the cup is too full as it only has a bit in it before I empty. Any help and advice you ladies can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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