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03 October 2013 @ 01:11 pm
Hello all! I'm new to this community as of (technically) last night, although I've been stalking it for awhile. I've been searching for the answers to a couple of questions and haven't found quite what I've been looking for, so I thought I'd post and see what y'all think.

My number one question is regarding bubbles. I've read some threads about bubbles, and those seemed to be specifically about leaking; none fit my current situation. I've read that bubbles appear to be a result of air displacement as one's cup is being filled, but for me? I'm currently in my pre-menstrual spotting phase (lasts several days of old blood, and apologies for the TMI!), and the cup as of yet does not runneth over. In fact, there's pretty much nothing (this is my first period cupping) at all aside from a tiny smear now and again. But I notice frequently that there's quite a lot of bubbling going on downstairs (namely, little bubbles running up the front of my vaginal wall and out, kind of the opposite of what I expected...). So for me, since my flow hasn't actually started...should I be concerned with all these bubbles that I will shortly have some major leakage issues?

Info on me: 32, one child, sexually active, very variable cervical position (it moves literally inches over the course of the day, up or down). Bought and am currently using Diva 2 with a trimmed and filed stem.

Question number two is regarding the diva itself. I've ready that one can turn the cup inside out if one has issues with a low cervix, but I was wondering...if my cervix is so variable over the course of a day, should I just suffer the discomfort, or will I risk the cup going out of reach if my cervix decides to move very high? I am always and seem to be most comfortable while sitting down, and I notice that sometimes my cup settles stem toward the right, so I assume that my cervix is also somewhat askew. Standing or changing positions seems to cause issues (with bubbles, with stem poking, or with the bottom of the cup being so low it's poking completely out of my labia-- not comfortable). As I work retail standing all day long, I don't want this to be a problem, especially with painful poking or, god forbid, an epic blowout at work!

Things that DO work well are: insertion (7 fold seems to be my holy grail), getting the cup sealed properly (I have no problem poking around my bits to ensure it's fully open), and removal. Suction does not seem to be a problem for me, and if on insertion the cup doesn't pop, I'll just pull it out, rinse, and go back at it until all is well. I am just extremely anxious about going to work for ten hours tomorrow and having some massive accident...

Thank you in advance for helping out this new user!
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cautiouskittycautiouskitty on October 4th, 2013 12:13 pm (UTC)
Regarding Fleurcup...
...re-replying to you, hdsqrl.

I've looked up Fleur just for curiosity's sake, and I must ask: did you leave that very intimidating stem intact, or did you trim it up as well?
Megan: LOLcathdsqrl on October 4th, 2013 01:47 pm (UTC)
Re: Regarding Fleurcup...
Funny enough - the Fleur's stem is pretty soft. I agree that it looks intimidating, but you know how the Diva's tube-like stem is pretty stiff? The Fleur's stem is more like a solid...bar...I guess I'd call it, and it bends really easily. I haven't needed to trim it at all. Also, I think because the Fleur is a little wider through the body, it tends to stay put a lot better for me, and I've yet to feel it migrate downward like the Diva would do from time to time. The Fleur's stem seems to tuck itself away along one side of the inner walls and hasn't been a problem for me (yet.)

The Diva was my first purchase, too - and I hadn't done a ton of research beforehand, either. I think I (we!) got lucky that it worked so well...and I'd have been perfectly happy continuing with it if no other options were available. :)