divagirl98 (divagirl98) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Using the Cup for more than 12 hours???

Third period using my Diva Cup and so far so good! Even with this flu, I keep coughing and I haven't had any issues with the cup moving around and leaking. I think I'm getting used to it with removal and insertion and everything... Now I just have one question...

Twice a week (Tuesday/Thursday) I'm out at my university campus from 10am until 9:20pm. If you count travel time (15 - 20 min) I'd have to wear the cup for about an hour more than 12 hours at most to avoid changing it at school. I have stuff to change it should I need to (lube, wipes, discreet place to carry them) but I'm not sure I like the idea of pulling something outta my vagina in a public washroom and shoving it back in...

Is it going to make a difference if I just leave the cup in the extra time until I get home? I don't bleed much, it's like half full on my heaviest day after 12 hours. I'd like to know what people think on this site since I'm assuming the packaging says 12 hours for a reason, and if that reason isn't heavy flow, I'm kind of wondering what it is.


Sidenote: Apparently I found out they sell these things at Canada Safeway now! Like 2 months ago you could only find em at health food stores... I'm sure this is a sign I'm not the only one switching over around here.
Tags: continuous use, divacup, health risks, success stories

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