maxinisama (maxinisama) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Question about cup choice - Lunette vs. LadyCup

Hi guys, I'm new here and had a question about which cup might be best for me.

A little about me and my previous experiences with menstrual cups: I am 30 and have never had children. I am small (5'2", about 110lbs) but my vagina is definitely on the longer side and probably average width. My periods are light. I bought a large DivaCup two months ago and tried it for part of one cycle. It was okay, but felt a bit large inside me. And, since my flow is light, it seemed like overkill. (Like, after keeping it in for 10 hours there was only a tiny amount to dump out.)

I'd like to try a different cup, but I'm not sure which. I think either the small Lunette or the small LadyCup are my best options (and those are the only other brands I can easily find).

So what would you recommend for a small person with a largeish vagina but a light flow?
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