attemptmcuser3 (attemptmcuser3) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Update and more questions

Hello Group,

So based on your advice I tried a xl meluna classic with ball stem since it is one of the higher capacity cups. I am having lots of trouble getting it to open. It is my second day on my period fourth day trying the cup. I have tried the usual folds labia diamond half diamond punchdown c fold and tried them different directions with and without cold water. It is very hard to get the cup to pop open I basically have to shove it open inside of me. When I am wearing it part of the grip rings stick out of me, it has had leaking (which I expect with a learning curve) but it feels like the cup is pushing my cervix upward and is quite painful. From what I can tell from the charts (it's hard for me to compare due to blindness) the flour cup (large) has the same dimensions and appears much softer. When I look at the pictures it looks like the fleur cup is more bell shaped than the meluna is this correct? Would more suction holes help or a firmer cup? Sorry for all the questions again. It also seems like when it leaks within an hour or two it is 1/4 full and a lot of the blood is forced out the rim like the cup is pushing too firmly... maybe. This is the hardest cup I have had popping open. I've had lunette, diva and femmycycle.

Thanks for your advice in advance.

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