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Hey cuppers,
I've recently gotten a Meluna classic medium with ball stem. It arrived on the second day of my cycle and was my first time using a cup.
It took me a while to get it in and the c-fold is the only one that works for me, despite trying other, narrower folds. But despite being the only one I can get in, it still meets with a lot of resistance. At first, it turned out that I just wasn't holding all my "stuff" out of the way and although that helped, the edge of the cup will still drag on something and I have to push a little harder on that area. I ended up not using it for my full cycle or a full day because my inexperience in inserting and removal caused a tear along the bottom of my entrance, and also the extra cramps I believe it caused.
That is just the start of my troubles. During my period, when I put my index finger inside almost all the way, I can feel the stem on my fingertip but inserting my thumb and trying to grab it is harder. Bearing down will bring it within proximity but also close in the walls, making it harder to feel around. When trying to grab the cup, I can feel skin snagging on my nails. It's also real slippery up there and it makes me regret getting the ball stem and also wish it was longer.
Because I cannot reach a finger up to the side to either seal my cup or break it, I just move it around until it sets itself and for removing, I pull until it's fairly close to my entrance, then pinch and wiggle the base out. I feel like my pubic bone and tightness around the entrance is making things so complicated. And why does it have to be so soft in there T__T
This part is about to get TMI, but just earlier I put it in to hold some discharge. Inserting and removing wasn't painful this time, but I couldn't put it in as far and it was tighter because I wasn't on my period (I guess I'm pretty dry when I'm not aroused and such.) After about an hour or so, I felt it pinching something in my vagina and I don't know what it was but moving around awkwardly set it free. Then I went to take it out because I wanted to poop. I had the normal troubles removing it as stated above but this time it was a little harder trying to get it out with my right hand so I had to use my left hand instead (I think this has to do how the ball stem is flat and I can't grab the flat part.) After I pulled it down with my left hand, I had to break the suction with my right hand. And here's the gross part: when the cup was at my entrance, I started to feel my poop getting push down, also. The suction was already broken and I tried to tighten up my butt while simultaneously keeping my vajayjay open but I think it still ended up squeezing a tiny bit of my poop out so after I got my cup out, I threw it in the sink and waddled to the toilet.

Because my writing is sporadic, here's a recap:
cup too short/trouble removing
ball stem is troublesome
makes bm's uncomfortable
trouble inserting

My only questions are: how can I be more successful and comfortable with the cup I have now, and if I can't, do you think someone would be willing to trade with me for something different?

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