little king trashmouth (thalassaemia) wrote in menstrual_cups,
little king trashmouth

What size to buy next?

Hello Menstruation Nation,

I purchased my DivaCup (size 1)about 5 years ago, but have only been using it steadily for about 3 years.  It has served me well, but I feel it is time to add a second cup to my arsenal. I've been using it since I was about 21-22, and now I'm 25. I'm a bit stumped as to what size I should buy next. Most of the brands have 2 sizes- one for those under 30 who haven't given birth, and one for those over 30 or who have given birth. Some brands have the cut off age for changing sizes at 25, so now I'm even more confused. I'm not sure as to which size I should choose, since I don't plan on getting pregnant any time soon, and most likely this cup will last me well into my 30s. Do I stick with the smaller option, or should I invest in the larger size? I should note that I have already tried the DivaCup size 2 and it still doesn't fit me right. So, just for the record: I'm 25, not sexually active, still tight like a tiger, I don't plan on getting pregnant any time soon, I have a medium flow that is heavy for about 18 hours then tapers off, and I'm looking for something that I can use into my 30s. Which option should I go for, size 1 or size 2?
Tags: buying decisions, sizes/size issues
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