glories_asters (glories_asters) wrote in menstrual_cups,

How I do it

When at work ( and I work at a Taco Bell ), I go to the bathroom with a small cup, wash my hands and fill the cup with warm/hot water from tap and take a paper towel with me. I empty my cup ( DivaCup size 1 ), rinse with water on the outside and inside getting what I can off. Then wet the corner of the paper towel and wipe out the inside and rinse again. I then just do a quick dry with the dry part of the paper towel and re-instert. I sometimes, if I feel the need to, pour water over my lady parts and clean myself up a bit. It helps me feel fully clean. Then I just walk out throw away the cup, rewash my hands with hot as I can stand water and sanitize when I get back to where it is available. I hope this helps anyone else. I do this anywhere I can get a small cup or I just wet one paper towel and take a dry one with me as well. =)
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