k_j_l (k_j_l) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Recommendations on which cup to buy?


I'm looking to buy a cup but I have no idea what to get or which would best suit me. They all basically look the same to me and I'm scared to make a wrong choice.

When I was 19 (six years ago) and still a virgin, I bought a Diva Cup. It was nothing short of nightmare. I spent a day in agony (trying to get it in and out with little success) and feeling like my labia were being stabbed by the stem. It was all so painful that it hurt for about six hours after. I was completely traumatized and never used the cup again.

I'm now ready to try again and really want to make it work but I'm still scared/terrified it will just be a repeat of last time. I want a cup that is small, or rather, easy to take in and out and won't stab me with the stem. I don't mind a cup that doesn't hold much since I have a light flow and can empty it more often if need be. Other stats: 25 year old, sexually active but still pretty small/tight, no children and a light-moderate flow.

Can anyone recommend a good cup for a (almost) first-time user that is easy to use and comfortable?

Thank you so much!
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