menatzeyach (menatzeyach) wrote in menstrual_cups,

To pop or not to pop?

Hi everyone.
Firstly some words of praise and thanks. From the smooth, professional appearance of the site, to the friendly support and useful links, I'm impressed!! I love the concept of women openly sharing concerns and receiving advice... we have come a long way!
To cut a long story short, I'm looking for the most firm cup out there. Or, the cup with the best poppability. I've used Meluna for a while but strangely it stopped opening inside, I contacted them and was advised that the vaginal muscles strengthen with use and it was time for a firmer cup. My opening is quite small and tight (not sexually active and have never given birth) so folds that have a large surface area don't work for me, it simply won't go in.
So what do you suggest? I have to admit that whilst all this discussion is great, it's also confusing. I find contradictory information about one product, one user will say it pops open easily, another will say she couldn't get it to open. There is also too much to choose from, I am finding it confusing to keep track of so many options. So if you have experience with the firm cups, all I need is for you to advise me which cups will pop open most easily.
In terms of other info you may need if suggesting a cup: Cervix very high, I am quite active and am average height and weight. I also have really tight vaginal muscles from all that yoga and pilates which makes it harder...
Thanks in advance for sharing your useful info.
Tags: meluna, popping open

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