Madeline May (madeline_may) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Madeline May

Health Concerns

Alright, I have a slightly uncomfortable question to ask.

I've been using my Diva cup for a few years now. I've never had any problems with it whatsoever. This cycle, however, near the end, I began to itch quite a bit, both inside my vaginal cavity and eventually on my outer labia. I ended up removing my cup and just free bleeding a bit, but the itching hasn't stopped. There's also a smell that I can't exactly describe, but it's strong and not entirely pleasant. It reminds me of the smell that happens when I accidentally leave my cup in for too long and there's old blood in it.

I've gone rooting around up there myself and most curiously enough, there seem to be brown and white flakey bits inside of me. It genuinely reminds me of the way toilet paper flakes apart when wet, and it even has that texture. Now, once during this cycle I was in a public washroom and had to clean my cup with toilet paper. I'm beginning to wonder whether I was careless and didn't realize that there was toilet paper stuck to the inside of the cup. Earlier in my cycle I was also forced to use a tampon for the first time in years.

Is that what could be causing this? Do I need to be concerned? And does anyone have any tips - especially for the itching and smell? I'd like to put off the doctor's as long as I am able.
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