Nanci Karvonen Willits (Nanci Karvonen Willits) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Nanci Karvonen Willits
Nanci Karvonen Willits

My Meluna is making me crazy!

I've been using a cup for just over a year, and now I'm looking to replace my XL Meluna Classic for my heavy days. If I'm at home and can get to cold water getting it to pop open is easy enough, but once I've used it, and warmed it up it's near impossible. Last Friday at a football game was the final straw, I live in the south, it was very warm, I was sweaty, and the ladies room was like a sauna. I couldn't get the darn thing to pop open no matter what fold I used, even out of the body it wanted to remain punched down when I tried that. So I'm looking for something easy to pop with high capacity. I'm assuming that since I could use this size comfortably enough length shouldn't be an issue. My other cup is a large Diva, but it didn't have the capacity I need the first few days, especially if I'm out on a sports field with the kids. I'd rather get something with similar capacity and an easier pop than deal with it anymore, life is too short, lol. I live in the US if that matters for purchase reasons.

Thanks, all. :)
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