sixstepdragon (sixstepdragon) wrote in menstrual_cups,

super paranoid cup question

Wondering if you guys can put my mind at ease. So I just got a cup (a lunette, model 1), never used them before but I'm very hopeful it'll work for me. I ordered from someone a couple hours away so it would get here quickly. They were listed as a seller on the lunette website. I'm telling you this because when it got here there was like... lint? all over it. I thought it was the box at first because it is a funny texture. But then... okay, I was curious. I smelled it. And it smells suspiciously like the feelbetter liquid that comes with it. There's no discoloring as far as I can tell although it is a bit hazier in some parts than others.

I know it's silly, especially since they wouldn't accept returns on this product but I'm worried it's used. Probably they used it in a demonstration or that's just what the shop smells like (but the box doesn't smell like that, just the cup). Any thoughts?
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