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Requesting buying advice.

Hello! Trying to look for some buying advice. I've read around and found a size chart, not exactly sure what to buy though.

I'm 22, sexually active, no pregnancies, 5'5", 115lbs.
I'm not really sure where to measure when people say to find your cervix - I can touch it at about 2.25" from the entrance of my vagina, but there's still a fair bit of space behind that. Plus the depth varies depending on position - that's kneeling, sitting it angles in a way that's harder to reach, if that makes sense. This is measured in the middle of my cycle, 1.5 weeks from the start of my next period (on birth control, so they're regular).

I'm pretty sensitive downstairs. I can and have used tampons and have very little problem with them, but I've been sensitive to most types of soap (if applied too closely) and one normal water-based lubricant. Around the entrance has always been pretty easy to hurt, both physically and chemically, though deeper in I'm usually fine.

I tend to have a pretty light flow - I only use Regular-size tampons, on any day other than the first I can leave one in for 4-5 hours without it soaking through, though on the first day it's more like 2-3 hours. More than 4-5 hours would probably be fine on later days, but I avoid that to avoid TSS.

So, any recommendations on brand/size? Also, would you recommend I get some extra lubricant, or does that not do much?
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, first time use

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