Dabbily Abbily (eskimoabby) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Dabbily Abbily

Too many options!

Hey folks! I've been silently following this community for a few months (ever since I bought my Mooncup by Keeper) and I've decided to finally seek a bit of advice. I'm very happy with my small mooncup as far as comfort, insertion, removal, etc... However, I'd like a cup with a bit more capacity. I've looked at the size charts, but there are just so many brands, it's very overwhelming! I'm hoping to find a cup of a similar length, width could be a bit smaller or wider, it doesn't really matter. I just need a lot more capacity! I didn't realize it when I bought the cup, but now I know that mooncup by keeper has one of the lowest capacities of all the cups. Does anyone have a recommendation for me?

PS: I live in the US, and I'd prefer one that's easily available here :)
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