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Help! First time cup user needs encouragement & advice :)


I am brand new to the world of menstrual cups (and livejournal) and have a couple questions I was hoping this knowledgeable crowd could help answer...

#1: I received my first menstrual cup, just in time for my period. I chose the Lunette size 2 based on the size guide on their site (normal to heavy flow, adult [27yo] woman, not a virgin). Today was the first time I used it. I had a hard time getting it in and it was very painful to remove which is very disappointing to me because I was so excited to try it! What I'm trying to figure out is how do I know if this is just part of the learning curve, or if I truly need a smaller size? I understand there is a learning curve, and I am willing to keep trying, but I am concerned at how much it hurt (I am still sore and it has been out for over 8 hours), I don't want to hurt myself by continuing to try something that just doesn't fit.

[Details of my experience]I woke up excited for my period for the first time probably ever, because I was so excited to try my new menstrual cup! I was just lightly spotting but thought it would be okay to put in. I inserted it using the "C" fold as included in the instructions, and was surprised at how difficult it was to get in. To be blunt (prob TMI), I am no stranger to sticking things in my vagina and have been sexually active for 13 years or so, so I thought I would have no problem. I had read posts about feeling around the edge of the cup to make sure it is open all the way, and sliding a finger along side to release the suction for removal - but I had a hard time even getting the folded cup in there, much less any fingers in addition to the cup once it was open! I felt as though it sort of popped open too early and wasn't quite in all the way, so I took it out to try again. Removing it was much harder and more painful than I thought as well, and I couldn't imagine doing it full of blood! I re-inserted the cup, this time with some lube which helped a little, and tried to go about my day.

After a little while I did seem to get used to it, but I definitely could tell it was there the whole time. The stem was definitely poking at me and I planned to trim it once I got home. After reading some posts on here I began to think maybe my period just wasn't heavy enough (sort of doing a dry run, or I guess a barely-wet run!) and perhaps I should try again when I have a heavier flow. I removed it about 3.5 hours after putting it in, and there was just a small amount of blood in the cup, to the top of the small ridges at the bottom of the Lunette. It also really hurt when I took it out, mostly when the harder top rim of it came out. I have since read different techniques for removing but like I said I feel like there's not much room in there for anything but the cup, so I don't know how I would finagle my fingers in to try and fold it or guide it out - I could barely squeeze the bottom to remove it.

Between inserting it, removing & reinserting, and removing again within a few hours, my vagina feels like it took a beating. I am still seriously sore/tender and it's been over 8 hours since removal. I don't know whether i should try again tomorrow or the next day when my flow is heavier or just cut my losses and purchase a smaller cup!

#2: do people use different sized cups for different flow days? I assumed that because there isn't the absorbency issues there are with tampons, it would be okay to use a larger size even on lower-flow days - it would just collect less. I thought this would be a good all-purpose solution to just have one item for all my period needs. But after reading some other entries on here I'm thinking perhaps that is part of my problem - today's flow was too light for the size cup I have?

Help!! Any and all comments/suggestions would be appreciated!!!
I love the idea of the menstrual cup and I want so much to love it and recommend it to everyone but my first experience was so discouraging and painful!
Thank you in advance!
Tags: first time use, removal - painful or problems, sizes/size issues
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