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CupLee Experience and Review

I bought a large CupLee after receiving recommendations from some very helpful folk.  I've used it exclusively the past three cycles.  I was coming from large and small Lady Cups and wanted greater capacity and a high level of comfort.

- I bought online from Feminine Wear; I live in the US.  Reasonable pricing and shipping cost, acceptable arrival time.  Package came with informational cards, a discount code, and a small bit of candy, which was a nice touch.

- The CupLee is much softer than the Lady Cups.  The CupLee is of uniform squishiness compared to the Lady Cups, which have softer bodies with a firm rim.  It's comfortable and undetectable most of the time, but near the start of the cycle, I will still occasionally get the faint throbbing internal cramp where the cup is located.  This is something I just tolerate.

- I got the orange CupLee; it was listed as "peach" on the Feminine Wear site.  The color reminds me of orange sherbet.  It's pleasing.

- One of my concerns was ease of opening.  This has proved to be slightly problematic, and it's definitely due to the squishiness level.  I've been using cups for five or six years, so I have experience, but sometimes I still end up taking more time than I'd like with the insertion process.  (Removal is no problem - it's easy to rock side to side to remove, though it can spill over my hand if the cup is full and it gets squeezed on the way out.  I don't mind.  I did trim my stem significantly.)  I've only been able to get the diamond fold to work, and it does work most of the time, but sometimes I have to remove the half-opened cup, rinse to ensure the holes are clear, and insert again.  Slightly time-consuming.

- I do get residual slobber that ends up on my underwear.  I doubt this has anything to do with this specific cup brand, but it really is a nuisance.

- The capacity is such that overnight wear is rarely a problem for me.  I'm satisfied with the capacity.

- In general, if the cup has created a proper seal, leaking is not a problem.  Depending on my body's position, I will get the occasional bubbly feeling, but I don't recall any instances of significant leaking following these occurrences.  Gross/TMI warning for the sensitive - if I need to have a bowel movement, the matter can press against the cup through the vaginal wall and cause displacement of the cup/breaking of the seal and subsequent leaking.  I suspect this is connected to how very soft the CupLee is.  This can be annoying, but it's resolved easily.

- The cup is noticeably stained after three cycles of use.  It should be noted that I have yet to clean this cup with anything but water and some hand soap, and while I always make sure to wash the cup well, I don't pay close attention to tiny areas where staining is likely to happen.

The CupLee has a hollow stem which has been trimmed, which contributes to how easily the stem stains.  There is slight discoloration all around the cup which begins directly below the rim and extends a millimeter or so down the body of the cup.  Also, the rim itself has seam that goes all around the cup.  The integrity of this seam is not very good.  Menstrual fluid has gotten into the seam and caused discoloration there.  This was kind of disappointing to see.  I don't think this affects the overall ability to hold liquid (at least, not at this point in the cup's lifespan) because it's on the rim and not the body, but it doesn't look very pretty, if that is a concern.

Let me know if you have questions about my experience with the CupLee!
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