ccerskine (ccerskine) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cervix partially Removed

I'm a 33 F, 5 7" married, not sexually active (I know right) mother of 1 (via c section) and I had to have some of my cervix removed. Will I still be able to use the cup? Today was the first day I heard of the cup, and am looking into it. I like the idea of being green, but am pretty heavy my first couple of days, then almost non existent & spotty later on.
I think (if it'll work w/ my cervix issue) I have a pretty high cervix, then it gets super low-when I"m spotty and still use tampon, it's very uncomfortable and bulges out.-not cool right. So I'm guessing I'd need to sizes also.

I read on the size chart, that you should feel on your next period for length. Why while on your period? Esp if it changes from day 1 to the end?

Thanks in advance!

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